You've got your awesome Gear VR and you're ready to go adventuring, but you can't get the Oculus software to download onto your Samsung Galaxy S6. Have no fear, we've got you covered! There is a deceptively simple reason that you might be having issues, and it's really easy to fix.

Why your Oculus software won't download or install

When you got your Samsung Galaxy S6, you may have gone into the application manager and disabled packages for Facebook. While this might seem innocuous and harmless, it's what is actually causing your problem. That's because Samsung actually communicates with those packages. If you have them disabled, you'll probably run into some problems.

First, you may have issues with Oculus software downloading and installing. It will let you try to download it, but the download will constantly fail on you, which is about as frustrating as it gets. The second issue that crops up happens when you go to connect your phone to your Gear VR. The screen goes black, with nothing but a small white x in the upper corner.

What to do about it

Both of these issues can be fixed very, very easily. The first thing to remember is that you will only run into this issue if you have gone in and manually disabled the Facebook package. This can be done one of two ways, either by using the app manager, or by specifically downloading and installing a package disabler.

All you need to do at this point is head to your application manager, find Facebook, and re-enable the package. After that go ahead and restart the download of Oculus software, and it should now download and install without any more issues. If you were dealing with the black screen when plugging in to your Gear VR, it should now be resolved.

Step by step instructions

For those of you who had a friend help set up your phone, or don't remember how to get to that package, we've got you covered with some step by step instructions.

  1. Head to settings
  2. Open up application manager
  3. Scroll down until you see Facebook
  4. Tap on the Facebook icon
  5. Tap enable
  6. Restart the download of Oculus software

That's it! You're all done and you shouldn't have any more issues!