Usually jumping into your Gear VR is as easy as plugging your phone in, and putting on your headset. However, if when you plug your phone into Gear VR, and nothing happens, then you definitely have a problem.

Before you panic, there are two causes for this issue, and we have the details on what to do.

You aren't properly plugging in your phone

The first thing to check, if Oculus isn't launching properly, is that you have correctly plugged your phone in. It's very possible to think that you have your phone snugly plugged into your Gear VR and it not be quite attached correctly. Make sure that your phone doesn't want to wiggle, and that it's seated snugly when you fold your phone over and click it into the headset.

If your phone is properly attached when you fold it over, Oculus should properly launch and you'll hear the noise of the software starting up. If you're absolutely positive that your phone is in there correctly, then you may be looking at a more serious problem.

There is an issue with the software

Now, there is a possibility that something wonky is going on with your Software. There is one more thing you can do before contacting Oculus Support to see if they can help you with this issue.

Head to your settings, and then head to your apps. Uninstall Gear VR service, Update Gear Setup Wizard, Gear VR Video, Oculus, Oculus Home, and Oculus System activities. You'll want to uninstall them in the order listed above as well. Once you have uninstalled everything, install the Oculus app again. This may well solve your problem. If it doesn't and you still are having issues with Oculus not launching, then you'll need to contact Oculus Support and troubleshoot the issue with them.

Step by Step instructions

  1. Remove your phone from the Gear VR headset
  2. Head to settings
  3. Head to apps
  4. Uninstall Gear VR Service.
  5. Uninstall Update Gear Setup Wizard
  6. Uninstall Gear VR Video
  7. Uninstall Oculus
  8. Uninstall Oculus Home
  9. Uninstall Oculus System Activities
  10. Plug your phone back into the Gear VR headset
  11. A voice prompt will ask you to remove your phone, and you will be guided to install Oculus back onto your phone.


Not being able to jump into VR as soon as you plug your phone in can be a serious hassle, but there are two things that you can try to do from home to deal with that issue. The unfortunate thing is that these fixes may not do the trick, and if that's the case then you'll need to contact Oculus directly to figure out what is going on. Have you ever run into this problem? Is there a fix you know about that we didn't mention here? Be sure to drop a line in the comments and tell us about it!

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