Anyone who is used to playing games has probably gotten at least one firmware update to their console, or a patch to a favored game. These updates can add new features, security upgrades, and of course software upgrades. However some users have had a problem crop up where firmware upgrades to PlayStation VR are not properly installing. There is a fix to this problem, but it has a fair few steps to get through.

What to do

This particular problem seems to have cropped up recently when updating to Version 2.0. It looks like the update has completed, and then prompt you to install the update again. To deal with this you're going to need to start by rebooting your PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode. From here you want to reset the Default settings and from there you will select Rebuild Database. Rebuilding the database alone is an option, but resetting the settings as well makes sure that you'll be able to properly update your firmware.

Next you'll need to go into the settings, and select PlayStation VR. From this screen you should be able to update the firmware manually. This will pop you up to the most current version.

Step by Step directions

  1. Reboot your PS4 in safe mode
  2. Choose Restore Default settings
  3. Select Rebuld Database
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Go to Devices
  6. Select PlayStation VR
  7. Update the firmware

PlayStation VR


PlayStation VR


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