PlayStation VR

Not everything about PlayStation VR is delivered in virtual reality. There are apps, games, experiences to be enjoyed that are in glorious 2D. This is what's known as cinematic mode.

In its simplest form, cinematic mode is like looking at a regular TV or monitor displaying your PlayStation 4 content. The major difference, of course, is that it's within the confines of the VR headset.

You might wonder why this is even necessary. Sure, you can play regular PlayStation 4 games this way, but you don't gain anything. Depending on the game, you'll even find it potentially more difficult to play.

This is because it's like looking at a large projection of the display in front of you. Like you'd see in a cinema, hence the name. The image doesn't move, not unless you need to reset its position. This is done by looking straight ahead and holding down the options button on the controller.

PlayStation VR

The truth is you're going to need to navigate your console without having to take the headset off, and for this cinematic mode is pure gold. You have access to everything you would normally on the PlayStation 4; all apps, menus, notifications, games and content sharing.

You can make the experience more to your own liking by adjusting the size of the display you're looking at. It's really easy to do and our full guide will walk you through it step-by-step.

It's also not a bad way to watch video content if you want a little quiet time and to immerse yourself in your favorite TV show or movie. Since the world around you is blocked out completely it's a peaceful way to relax and watch something. But also be mindful of how long you have the headset on.

The bottom line is that its a pretty straight forward feature that's been given a fancy name. You 100% need it to be there otherwise you'd be taking the headset off every time you left a game. But for the most part you don't gain a lot other than convenient access to your content.