The company behind one of the more impressive action-focused 360-degree cameras out there just released an ad for their new 4K version, and holy shit is it bad.

When asked directly about why 360fly decided to go this route, CEO Peter Adderton had this to say to TechCrunch:

"Every other camera out there only shows what is in front of you. It wants to believe just one thing," says Adderton, drawing a parallel with what is going on in US politics. "In the ad, we have our 360-degree camera bring all the views together, and we say there is a better way. We are trying to bring people together."

360fly is in a tough spot right now. Their first camera was expensive and focused on being a 360-degree GoPro for all intents and purposes. Their new 4K version offers up decent competition against the likes of Ricoh, Samsung, and LG, but not as a "lifestyle" camera. You aren't going to pull a 360fly out of your pocket to take a picture of something happening in the world around you, and it turns out there are way more people interested in that feature than there are people diving or racing or performing some kind of extreme sport.

Instead of being weirdly racist and attempting to draw attention from the current political mess in the US, why not focus on the one massively impressive feature you have that none of your competition can offer? 360fly is waterproof down to 5ATM simply by attaching the small included rubber plug in the microphone slot. No expensive and clumsy accessories, something none of your competition can claim. Instead, we get this. Gross.