What is the total cost of an HTC Vive?

There's more to VR than just the box on the shelf. Accessories add to the cost, and if you need to upgrade your PC that price tag keep growing. This begs the question: How much is the total cost of an HTC Vive? Let's break things down in terms of cost per item, and let's also take a look at some PC options to run it.

What is the total cost of an HTC Vive?

Without the HTC Vive System you won't get very far, so there's a good $599 right off the bat. The bundle contains the actual Vive head-mounted display, two motion controllers, two Lighthouse base stations, a cable adapter, and all the cables you need to connect and power everything. If you already have a VR-ready PC, this is all you need for an incredible virtual experience.

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TPCast with the original strap

If you're interested in wireless movement while you're in VR, the Vive's new wireless adapter — what they're calling TPCast — will be available later this year and will cost $249. This piece isn't necessary for a good virtual experience, but it's definitely going to be one of the hottest items out there in the VR world.

If we round up a couple dollars, we're now up to $850, which is sadly still cheaper than the cost of the Vive starter bundle here in Canada. There are still two other accessories of note, but there hasn't yet been an official price announced for either one.

Vive Tracker

The Vive Tracker is a small, alien-looking accessory that you can stick onto any real-world object to bring it into virtual reality. We've seen people swinging for the fences with a tracker attached to a baseball bat, and we've seen fake rifles with real kick sporting one of these trackers on the front.

Vive Tracker with a rifle

It will be exciting to see what Tracker combinations people dream up, but for now, we're still waiting. HTC is working with developers right now to ensure there's plenty for consumers to do, and when everything is ready later this year these accessories will run $99 each.

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

The final piece of the puzzle is the new Deluxe Audio Strap which changes both your level of comfort and your audio quality while in the Vive. It easily clips onto your head-mounted display — after you remove the current elastic and Velcro strap — and sports two built-in headphones much like the Rift's current setup.

TPCast with the Deluxe Audio Strap

Instead of elastic straps all the way around, you now have more of a padded plastic cradle for your head, sort of like what the PlayStation VR has on offer. This new strap system alone is worth the investment, but the added audio really makes it great. You'll be paying $99 for the privilege.


The total cost of a Vive has now crept up to about $1050 if you only want one Tracker, and we still haven't figured in the price of a PC to run it.

That's a lot of money considering you can get a PlayStation VR bundle for about $500 or a Rift with Touch controllers for about $800, but neither of these options can do what the Vive can do when it comes to a wireless head-mounted display and near-limitless tracking on your real-world items.

None of the extra accessories beyond the Vive starter bundle are necessary, so you can pay $600 and have an amazing virtual experience, but if you want everything HTC has to offer, you'll be spending a lot more money than you would on the competition.

How much am I looking to spend on a PC?

A PC built for VR

If you're comfortable building your own PC from scratch, you can probably lower the cost of a Vive-ready rig significantly, but buying a pre-built desktop will probably set you back somewhere around $1000 and up. Laptops are a different story, and if you're looking to cut costs, definitely go with a desktop PC.

For more information, check out our guide to required system specs, and also have a look at our choices for the best desktop PCs for VR and best laptops for VR.

More Vive accessories

The Vive accessory train doesn't stop with TPCast, the Vive Tracker, and the Deluxe Audio Strap. Check out our guide to the best Vive accessories for recommendations on a whole bunch of neat items you can add to your Vive setup.

Are you planning on grabbing the TPCast wireless adapter, Vive Tracker, and Deluxe Audio Strap? Do you think the price of a full Vive setup has gotten out of control? Let us know in the comments section!

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