The doors are opening for E3 attendees to check out all of the major announcements of this year, and what a year for all kinds of gaming. Microsoft's latest console is getting lots of love, Sony is doubling down on the importance of VR, and great games were announced at every event.

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There's a lot to love here, but which is your favorite? That's the big topic in our forums right now.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown

With all the major press conferences now out of the way, what were you favorite announcements of E3 this year? For me personally, I loved Bethesda's announcements - might prove to be pretty exciting with full triple-A titles in VR! On the other hand, ended up being pretty disappointed with the lack of Microsoft's Mixed Reality tech across the board.


Whether it's an exclusive game, a new cross-platform competitive title, or a beautiful story being played out across multiple headsets, one thing we can all be absolutely sure of is E3 has been great for fans of VR this year!