The point of VR is to be able to completely immerse yourself in an experience, right? Whether you're gunning down enemies in Gunjack, or enjoying some 360 degree videos, audio is an integral part of the package. So what do you do when the audio isn't syncing up correctly with video inside of your Gear VR? Have no fear, we've got you covered.

Why your audio isn't syncing up

Occasionally when using headphones, you may run into a seriously aggravating issue. Your audio doesn't sync up to whatever game or experience you're playing inside Gear VR. This issue crops up in a variety of ways, but all of them are a problem when you're trying to enjoy VR.

You may experience lag from 1 second to 5 seconds, as well as hearing popping, crackling, or mangling audio. No matter what is causing the problem, if you can't really hear what is going on you aren't going to be able to fully enjoy the experience. Thankfully there is an easy fix to deal with the problem even if it isn't ideal. That's because your bluetooth headphones, or your battery settings may be the cause of the problem.

What to do about Bluetooth headphones

Plenty of us prefer to use Bluetooth headphones even when we aren't in VR. It eliminates dealing with any pesky wires and lets you enjoy your music in peace, right? Well, that may be one of your problems. There is an intermittent issue with Gear VR, where Bluetooth headphones don't seem to sync up correctly with the VR headset.

Some Bluetooth headphones will avoid the audio lag.

This means you may experience lag in the audio, or have to deal with audio that jumps, skips or stutters. Unfortunately if the problem is coming because you're using Bluetooth headphones, then there is really only one option. You'll have to go ahead and plug in a pair of wired headphones. Once you do that you shouldn't have any further issues with lagging, or skipping audio.

It is worthwhile to mention that some Bluetooth headphones will avoid the audio lag. However, it isn't possible to pick out precisely which headsets will work correctly, and which won't. It also tends to depend app to app, whether Bluetooth will work correctly. For that reason, if you've been having issues, your best bet is to just go back to wired headphones. It's a bit less comfortable because of the cord, but it will get you the audio you want.

Alternatively, if you're playing with your Gear VR at home alone, you can always just ditch the headphones entirely. This isn't a perfect solution, since you'll be able to hear ambient noises in your physical environment, but if you only have Bluetooth headphones, this is a quick fix that can get you by until you find a good pair of wired headphones.

What to do about your battery settings

With some older model phones, you may run into issues with audio lag when your phone heats up if you have the battery saver mode enabled. This is essentially because your Gear VR can take up a good deal battery, and your phone is trying to save battery. This means that everything slows down, and it is directly affecting your audio experience.

If this is your problem then the best thing that you can do is head into the settings of your phone and turn off the battery saver mode. This does mean that your battery may be drained faster in VR, and for that reason we suggest that you make sure your battery is fully charged before plugging into your Gear VR.

Have you had issues with audio lag?

Not all users have run into issues with audio lag, but for those who use Bluetooth headphones it is a recurring—and unsolved—problem. While the solution of moving back to wired headphones is fairly easy, it's certainly not ideal. For some users having battery saver enabled may also be causing the problem. Have you run into problems with audio not syncing properly? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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