The biggest news from the last couple of months for Gear VR fans is undoubtedly the release of the new Controller. It stores neatly on the side of the headset, fits conveniently in your hand, and removes the need to touch the side of the headset. The best part? If you already own a Gear VR you don't have to buy the new $130 bundle with the Controller included. You just buy the Controller separately, and it pairs to whatever Samsung phone you're currently using.

Gear VR Controller

How much will it cost, and when can I get one?

The Gear VR controller will be available separately for users who already own a Gear VR, or in a bundle that includes the Gear VR. This means that whether you're just getting started, or you've been hanging out in VR for some time now, that it's easy to pick up this accessory. It's inexpensive enough that it won't break the bank, either. The controller itself will run you $39, while the Gear VR bundle will cost $129.

Is that worth it? We'll let you decide.

Where can I buy a Gear VR controller?

Best Buy

If your local Big Blue Box has a Samsung section, you can walk right in and pick up the Gear VR Controller right now. It's on the shelves right next to the Gear VR, and has everything you need to enjoy all of the new Gear VR apps.

If you aren't near a Best Buy, and still want this Controller, you can get what you need from the web store. The controller will set you back $40, but you will have some shipping options to get it to you as quickly as possible.

See at Best Buy

Samsung Store

Unless you're in NYC and can check out the Samsung Experience, there aren't a lot of options for trying the Gear VR Controller before you buy. That having been said, the one place you can guarantee will always have stock of this new addition to your Gear VR is Samsung's own online store.

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Samsung Gear VR



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