HTC Vive setup

The impressive VR collaboration between HTC and Valve has gained an incredible amount of attention from both future VR fans and developers alike, due in no small part to a massive travelling campaign allowing people to try it out. With a capable gaming PC and enough room to swing your arms around, you can enjoy the massive number of VR games available through Steam with an HTC Vive of your very own. All you need is a place to buy an HTC Vive for yourself, and we've got the list you need right here!

HTC Vive in the US


There are some great places to check out the Vive before buying, and Microsoft Stores are some of the more impressive locations for those demonstrations.

See at Microsoft Store


If you've already decided you need an HTC Vive in your life without trying it out, Amazon has what you need with Prime shipping available for those who want it right this second!

See at Amazon


Not only does HTC sell the Vive through their own website, it's the best place to get a look at all of the official accessories or replacement parts in case something breaks.

See at HTC


This is the only retailer offering the Vive with a free VR game pack and a free headset, and it's the best place to buy all the parts to build your VR PC if you don't have one yet!

See at Newegg

HTC Vive in the UK


The folks at Overclockers will ship within 24 hours for free, so you can get into VR as quickly as possible.

See at Overclockers


If you're looking for a quick way to rack up rewards points, buy your Vive from GAME and your rewards points balance will skyrocket.

See at GAME


See at HTC

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