With VR being such a new technology there are a lot of people out there working on content. If you want to get apps a little early, especially for Daydream, you need to find a beta. There are several different places to look, and we've got a handy list here for you!


The Daydream Reddit section has a huge list of potential Betas to try. Games and apps are normally available and it only takes a little time and effort on your part to find them. Reddit can be a pain to navigate, but it's mainly a scrolling game. Just keep scrolling down until you see something you like.

The search engine is a possibility as well though make sure you search for "subreddit:Daydream Beta" otherwise you will get an entire list of all the betas on Reddit. By choosing the subreddit in the search string you can narrow it down to find Beta tests in just Daydream. Try using other searches like "testers" or "Need Help" as it normally has a few games and apps hiding in there.

Google Play

Google Play has a whole section for Beta tests but finding them for VR is a little tricky. Just writing "VR Beta" does bring up some but it also brings up full apps and paid apps that aren't in a beta. The big advantage going through the Play store though is you are far less likely to get a bad apple. Sometimes people hide malicious code in betas and try to add malware to your device, using the Play store means the app has at least been scanned by Google to check it's usability and make sure it is what it says it is.

I haven't seen as many games using the Play store for the betas but there are plenty of other apps that you can investigate.

The VR Heads Forum

Not wanting to blow our own trumpet but the VR Heads Daydream Forum is a great place to hang out and find like minded people. There is a budding group of enthusiasts on the constant lookout for awesome Beta tests and they post their findings their regularly. It's worth signing up and adding your own finds as well!

That's really it!

These are the three best ways to find the Daydream Beta tests. Even a Google search isn't as helpful as it gives you results that aren't really related or just takes you to the places already mentioned here. It's way easier to go to the source in this case instead of the search engine.

Have you guys found any good places for finding betas not mentioned here? Let us know and we will add them in!

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