Smiles in VR

For the first time in months, it was necessary to take a break from all things VR and focus on helping my colleagues over on our other websites. The launch of Pokemon Go was more significant than any other launch I've ever experienced, and with that comes a lot of people asking a lot of questions about the game. We answered those questions well, but it took hours and hours of gameplay, research, and of course writing in a short period of time to answer those questions quickly.

It was fun, but incredibly draining. And yet, I found myself leaving the house every evening and venturing out to play the game more. Sometimes until 10-11pm, something I never felt inclined to do while playing Niantic's previous game, Ingress. After thinking about it a little, the biggest reason for this is the same reason I absolutely love sharing VR with other people — experiencing all the happiness expressed by everyone around you.

I've yet to have a negative experience in Pokemon Go. Everyone I've met, from every walk of life, has just enjoyed being outside with other people playing the game. I get the same experience when having a group of people play VR for the first time. There's a level of joy in those experiences that doesn't happen nearly frequently enough in most of my day-to-day experiences, and for me that makes those moments worth treasuring. We're going to be doing a lot more of those local meetups over the next couple of months, several of which we're going to share in video form for everyone to enjoy.

But first:

Go play something fun in VR. Or go outside and catch some Pokemon. Or go watch the new Ghostbusters. Hell, do none of those things if you don't want to. Just try to have a great day, We've got a busy week ahead!