There are tons of awesome things that you have access to when playing in VR, but sometimes you just want something simple and stunning. That's where checking out 360-degree photos come in. You can fully immerse yourself in a single moment captured in time and explore the photos of others, or upload photos you've taken with your 360-degree cameras. The only limit to what you can see, and find, is your imagination and creativity.

So then the question becomes, just how do you view these photos using your Vive? It's a super easy process, and we've got it all laid out for you here.

What do I need to do?

Viewing 360-degree photos with Vive is a fairly easy process, but you'll need a few things first. First, you want to make sure your photos are stored either locally on your PC on on a photo storage site that handles 360-degree photos well. We recommend Google Photos. Next, grab the VR Photo Viewer app from the Steam Store. This app will sync with Google Photos and present them all to you as little spheres for you to grab with your controllers.

Using VR Photo Viewer, you have a few options for what will properly open. You can view your Photosphere, Cardboard Camera, 360-degree panorama, and 3D Stereoscopic images using the app. The only real challenge is making sure they're somewhere the app can see, but once you're in the app it becomes very easy to enjoy all of your 360-degree photos as though you are standing in them!

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