Wrath of Loki

When your father Odin comes to you and tells you that your brother Loki is on the warpath — you know, again — you don't argue. That's because when Loki is on the warpath, Ragnarok — aka the end of the world as we know it — is nigh. Let's face it, even the Norse gods don't want to see that go down. So it's up to you to stop the chaos, and make sure that humans can go on living their lives.

Find what you need to press forward

As soon as Odin finished explaining that you need to stop your brother, it's time to unlock the portals that will lead you from one level to the next. In order to move on, you'll have to find a number of items hidden in the environment around you. Those environments will change from a mead hall to places like a battlefield strewn with detritus.

In each level, you'll be instructed to find specific items required to try and unlock the portal that will let you move on. Before you can move on, you'll also have to solve a riddle of sorts. The items range in type, but generally have something specific to do with the environment.

In the mead hall, you'll have to find the missing pieces of a longship. In the second level where you're surrounded by beautiful mountains, it will be runes. Finding what you need starts out fairly simple, but quickly becomes more difficult. If you aren't used to hidden object games this can definitely cause some frustration.

Have no fear though, because the developers figured this might happen. You can get hints as to where the object that you are missing is hiding at. Oftentimes you'll easily find most of those items, and then get stumped finding the last few.

Fall into another world

One of the biggest draws to Wrath of Loki is how amazingly gorgeous it is. Each location has been painstakingly drawn and illustrated by hand. On several occasions I found myself far more interested in taking a few minutes to take in my surroundings than in trying to find the objects necessary to move on.

The music paired with each level is just as enchanting. Between the two, you're delivered a stunning experience that happily drags you further into the world. Even though the game itself is a simple combination of hidden objects, and puzzles, it has an allure that is hard to describe. It's definitely a game that sucks you right in, and grabs hold until you've been playing for 45 minutes straight.

Challenge yourself

One of the biggest perks about this game, is the fact that they've taken a very simple premise and made it quite challenging. In several instances the items that you are hunting for are hidden next to items that look remarkably similar. This is especially true starting on the third level where the battlegrounds are liberally littered with both knives and horns.

The game also rewards you for doing well, because they've baked in achievements. You'll get them for doing something as easy as unlocking a new area, as well as for performing well in specific arenas. I managed to grab an achievement for finding 5 objects within 5 seconds, as well as for finding all items within two minutes.


While we've played plenty of VR games here, this one grabbed me in a unique way and I'm absolutely in love with it. You can bet that I'll be playing it for a while to make sure I can save the world from Loki's vicious shenanigans.

Wrath of Loki is filled with aspects of games that I'm used to seeing on 2D platforms, but the way it is put together makes it something entirely new and fantastic. You won't find anything here that is absolutely new, but it is breathtaking in it's simplicity. I can't overstate how much fun, and how easily it is to jump in and fall into a painstakingly gorgeous world that believes you're smarter than you think. At a mere $2.99 on the Oculus store it's a serious deal that works it's butt off to steal your heart.


  • Gorgeous hand painted graphics
  • Easy to jump into and play
  • Fun story that grabs you and doesn't let go


  • Finding items can become quite difficult, especially for users wearing glasses or contacts
  • Puzzles are fairly simple and easy to solve
  • Based around hidden objects, which can become repetitive after a while

3.5 out of 5

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