The Galaxy S8 is nearly here, bringing a new year of great features on an excellent phone from Samsung. If you're just about due for an upgrade, or you just want that shiny new phone, now is definitely a great time to do it. That's because if you pre-order yourself a shiny new Galaxy S8 at the right place, you can also score yourself a free new Gear VR, along with a new controller. Considering the VR headset is usually a bit pricier than that, this is a great deal.

So I need to pre-order a Galaxy S8?

The short answer, is yes. To get access to this deal, you will need to pre-order yourself a Galaxy S8 from a preferred retailer. This shouldn't be particularly surprising for anyone who remembers that Samsung ran a similar special last year for pre-orders of the Galaxy S7. Samsung wants people to pre-order it's new phone, and to that end they're going to throw some incentives into the deal.

To get access to this special, you'll want to pre-order your new Galaxy S8, and there are plenty of places to do so. Doing so will snag you the newest version of Gear VR, along with the new Gear VR controller. There is even an extra option, the Limited Edition Platinum Bundle. This bundle runs $99, and delivers a 256GB Memory card along with a new pair of AKG Bluetooth headphones.

Where can I preorder a Galaxy S8?

Interested yet?

Being able to grab a Gear VR for free when you upgrade your phone is an awesome deal, especially if your Gear VR isn't in tip-top shape anymore. Are you considering pre-ordering a Galaxy S8 for this deal? Be sure to drop us a line in the comments below and let us know about it!

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