At first, it can seem daunting to meet the needs for a VR setup, especially if you want to play online. You need to have a nice-sized space free of obstacles and breakables, reliable internet access, a television, and lighting that doesn't interfere with your system's camera tracking ability. But fortunately, at least in the case of the PlayStation VR, you can easily eliminate one of those variables.

Outside of mobile gaming, when we think of gaming systems we tend to associate them as something tethered to a television, and when I explain my TV-less PlayStation VR setup to people I often hear, "Wow, I never thought of that!" Fortunately, you to can ditch the TV, and set your PlayStation free!

Why would you want to try this?

For me, the decision to use my PlayStation VR away from my television was a desperation move. My PlayStation is on one end of my house and my wireless router is on the other, and it was extremely impractical to do any sort of online play. On top of that, both rooms in my house with televisions have awkward furniture layouts. I frequently found myself in awkward situations where I was sort of crawl-playing VR games to try and avoid furniture.

After I gave it a try and saw how successful it was, though, I started thinking of other circumstances where this was a great option. How many times have you found yourself wanting to play video games when someone else was using the TV? It gets even easier if you're not planning to do any sort of online play, as all you need is a room with enough space and a power source. It's a great option for traveling, especially with all the cases available that allow you to pack your PSVR and your PS4. While I was traveling for work recently, I had a huge sitting area that would have been perfect for my PlayStation VR, and it wouldn't have mattered if the hotel TV had the proper video inputs or not.

It's not just for VR games

You can use your PlayStation VR headset as a screen for your non-VR games too. The games won't be in VR, but the headset gives a nice cinematic experience, albeit one that may not be comfortable for long stretches of gameplay. You can set the size of the screen by doing the following:

  1. Go into *Settings**.
  2. Select Devices.
  3. Select PlayStation VR.
  4. Select Screen Size.
  5. Choose from Small, Medium, and Large.

To change the screen size in the middle of a game: 1. Press and hold the PS Button. 2. Select Adjust PlayStation VR. 3. Select Screen Size

You may also need to center the screen if it's no longer in the headset's field of view. To do so, face the direction you plan to be facing and then hit the Option key.

Are there any limitations?

The biggest limitation I've found is where to place my camera, and in my pursuit of TV-freedom, I've resorted to using crazy setups like bureau drawers and boxes. So far my personal best is attaching the camera to a hanger with hair ties, which is a bit unstable but has the side benefit of being extremely adaptable.

I've also noticed that some PlayStation error messages don't always display while I'm only using the headset, particularly the ones that happen before you hit the home screen, like the warning when you didn't shut your system down properly. Thus far I haven't encountered anything that I couldn't just use the X button to get passed, but it's definitely worth trying out when you have a TV available before you try and use it while out and about.

Obviously, games like "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" where there is a mandatory screen component won't work, but thus far I haven't had any issues with most games.

Have you used your PlayStation VR without a screen?

What has your experience been with going TV-free? Have you come across any games that won't work? Where's the craziest place you've used your PSVR?

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