Fans of the mind-bending hacker thriller Mr. Robot are used to not knowing precisely what will happen next in the show. The intense journey floating beside Elliot's consciousness has found its way to a second season recently, and with Comic Con happening this week USA Network has assembled an impressive display for fans. Included in this Mr. Robot workshop is a VR experience, which is being extended to the rest of the world exactly once before it is removed from the internet entirely.

Mr Robot VR

If you have access to the Within VR app, which is available on just about every VR headset right now, you have everything you need to catch Mr. Robot in VR. If you don't have a VR headset handy, Within has your back with their Android and iOS apps that let you peer into the VR world as you move around. On Thursday, July 21, the Within app will have a special Mr. Robot broadcast. It starts at 10:45am Pacific (1:45pm Eastern) and will vanish from the app as soon as it ends.

As VR stunts go, this is a clever way to get a lot of eyeballs on something. Within is one of the most popular VR video apps right now, both because it's available everywhere and the content assembled is some of the best you can find anywhere. Mark your calendar, set an alarm, and whatever you do make sure you're near your VR headset when the broadcast starts tomorrow!