Google has just announced their new Daydream headset, and there is a lot here to love. If you already own a Daydream View, you might be wondering whether it's worth it to upgrade to this shiny new model. The answer is, unequivocally, yes. With improvements in the way the headset feels, as well as how it performs in VR, it's well worth spending the $99 to upgrade your headset.

But just in case you need a more detailed explanation, we've spent some time with the headset and have the details.

New Design solves old problems

While the new Daydream headset certainly looks similar to last year's model, there are some pretty significant changes in the design that you'll want to be aware of. It's a bit bigger, it's made of a softer material, and Google put a huge emphasis on fixing many of the issues that cropped up with last year's model.

The first difference that will make a world of difference while in VR is the addition of a built-in heatsink. We've talked in the past about heatsinks for Daydream due to issues with overheating. By building in a heatsink, they've eliminated much of the issues with overheating, as well as ensuring that you won't need to purchase extra accessories in order to take advantage of everything that VR offers.

Google has also tweaked the padding size to help eliminate light leak. This means that there is a better seal against your face while in VR, which means no more pesky issues with light leaks. The addition of an optional top strap also means that you can better secure the headset so that it doesn't shift even when you are moving your head around while in VR.

So why should I upgrade?

As you may already know the new Daydream headset still works great with your Pixel which means that you don't necessarily have to upgrade your phone in order to take advantage of everything the new Daydream has to offer. While the new Daydream is a bit pricier than last year at $99, it's worth every penny.

By upgrading you get the better product, along with tons of improvements to your hardware. This means smoother visuals while you are in VR and a significantly improved experience. For these reasons alone upgrading your headset is the best choice you can make to ensure that you have the best experience every time you put on your headset. While you don't have to upgrade your headset, you really do owe it to yourself to get the best product, and that what's the new Daydream headset it.

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Are you going to upgrade?

There are plenty of awesome reasons, to upgrade, and if you're always looking for a better experience than the one you currently have, then upgrading is an absolute must. Are you excited for the new Daydream? Will you be upgrading? Let us know in the comments below!

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