This all-in-one charging and display stand for PSVR will solve a few problems.

Charging, displaying, and storing your PlayStation VR gear can be a hassle. You need dual Mini USB cables for the Move controllers, you need a Micro-USB cable for the DualShock 4 controller, and you need a safe place to keep the head-mounted display (HMD) and its cables. Without a charging and display solution, you'll have an unsightly mess of cables in your VR space, and might get stuck waiting for a controller to charge while you could be in VR.

PlayStation VR

The POWER A Charge and Display Station for PSVR

The POWER A Charge and Display Station for PSVR

This all-in-one charging and display stand is officially licensed by Sony, so you can expect good build quality and proper charging protocol. The only marking on the stand is a white PlayStation logo beneath the DS4 charger and a white POWER A logo on the back clip; the stand is otherwise black.

The PSVR head-mounted display sits triumphantly atop the stand, and the two Move controllers plug in just beneath it. At the front of the stand is also a dock for one DualShock 4 controller.

Everything sits securely on the stand, so you can have peace of mind that nothing will fall and break; PSVR is an investment, and it should be treated as one. The whole package — with the HMD in place — is just over a foot tall, so you'll be able to easily find a suitable place for it in your VR space.

Charge all accessories at once, and keep your PSVR off the ground with this great stand. It starts at about $50.

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