PlayStation VR

If you're the type to play full wireless, there's a good chance you already have a favorite pair of wireless headphones for your PlayStation 4 game sessions. They're convenient, most of them work well, and wireless headphones tend to look pretty cool as well. Upgrading to PlayStation VR means those wireless headphones either need to be set aside during VR gameplay, or you need to find the 3.5mm cord that came with those headphones and switch to a wired configuration. This may seem a little inconvenient, but it's actually an important decision Sony made to not support wireless headphones.

That small box you set up next to your PlayStation 4 in order to hook up PlayStation VR is part HDMI passthrough and part audio co-processor. Its job is to make sure you have high quality 360-degree audio perfectly synced to PlayStation VR. Anything plugged in to the headphone jack handing from the headset will immediately be able to take advantage of this spatial audio, but if you're connecting over Bluetooth there's no way for that spatial audio to be routed to the headset and also be perfectly in sync. To make sure everyone has the best possible experience, Sony flashes a warning before you put PlayStation VR on letting you know those wireless headphones of yours aren't going to work.

Fixing this is a fairly small thing. PlayStation VR comes with earbuds that work great, and any wired headphones you connect to PlayStation VR will work the same way. If you're still dead set on using your nice headphones, all you need to do is connect your headset to PlayStation VR with the 3.5mm cord that came with the headphones. If your headset didn't come with an extra audio cable, or doesn't support a wired connection at all, there's not much you can do here. If you're looking for suggestions on new headphones to give you a better fit for PlayStation VR, check out our suggestions below!

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